Big Delivery coming to the 2021 PA Farm Show

The Calving Corner, Pennsylvania’s Dairy Cow Birthing Center, will return for virtual Pennsylvania Farm Show January 9-16, 2021.

Calving Corner will be looking a little different this year, as the cows are staying home.

Our partnership with the Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts will be front and center for 2021! Join Whitaker Center educators on the Calving Corner YouTube channel for some mooo-rvelous STEM activities at 10am on Monday, January 11, Wednesday, January 13 & Friday, January 15. Materials needed for each activity will be posted on Calving Corner and the Whitaker Center for Science & the Arts’ Facebook pages in advance. Gather your supplies and join in the fun!

Join us for a special, intimate look into the day-to-day life on Pennsylvania’s dairy farms.

On Tuesday, January 12th, the Calving Corner will live stream from Meadow Spring Farm, a family owned dairy farm in Lancaster County. Tom, Andy & Seth Bollinger, representing the second, third & fourth generation on the farm dairy family will take you behind the scenes on farm for live segments as they share some of the technologies and methods used each day to care for their cows and their land.

And, it wouldn’t be the Calving Corner without welcoming new life! Our text alert system will let you know when a new calf will be arriving on farm.

Follow Calving Corner YouTube Channel and Facebook page to stay in the know and sign up for Calving Corner text alerts by testing calvingcorner to 833-985-1834 to receive alerts for exciting news from the farm as Calving Corner will continue to live stream from Pennsylvania family dairy farms in late January.

For more information about the Calving Corner and educational opportunities available, please contact