Meet the Farmers

The Calving Corner is honored to work four fantastic dairy farm families from Pennsylvania. Each farm will be featured for two days and will share 4 cows with the Calving Corner during the 2020 Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Meadow Vista Dairy

The Risser Family

Meadow Vista Dairy is Lancaster County is a fourth generation family farm.  Meadow Vista is owned and operated by Don, Gerald, Eric and Justin Risser.  Justin is also the chairman of the Calving Corner’s Cattle Committee.  We asked Justin what inspired you to become a dairy farmer.  He replied “We all enjoy being able to work with each other and raise a family on a farm.  We feel close to God working with cattle and the land and helping to maintain God’s creation.”

The Risser family love farming.  They enjoy the variety jobs that need completed on a daily basis and the safe environment they have created on their farm which allows their kids and their kids friends to play at the farm.

Interestingly, Justin’s favorite farm memory actually came out of a tragedy. “In 2002 we had a paralyzing barn fire that tested our faith.”  It also showed them the best in people. “The best memory to come from this horrific barn fire was the shear amount of people that showed up for clean up day. In the age before social media, we had people driving from over an hour away to help and over 200 people put on gloves to help get the job done.”

The Risser family is passionate about dairy farming and being part of the Calving Corner at the 2018 PA Farm Show.

“Educating the public is the job of the farmer. If we don’t show our customers what we do, the wrong people will. Seeing kids faces light up when a calf is born is a neat experience and I want to be a part of that.” said Justin.

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Kreider Farms

The Kreider Family

Kreider Farms is a third generation family farm which began in 1935.  Ron Kreider, President and CEO, also trusts others to help ensure the success of the family business.  One of those people is Rick Cramer.

As herd manager for Kreider Farms, Rick Cramer is able to be the dairy farmer he always wanted to be.  His compassion for animals, especially cows, combined with fond memories of working with his grandfather’s herd of

Guernsey cows inspired Rick to become a dairy farmer.  Rick states “I love watching things grow. A calf grows into a cows, crops in a field, or a young employee who acquires new skills that we have taught them.”

We ask Rick what his favorite family farm memory is.  He replied “Working in the fields with my grandfather. Working the ground with him and harvesting corn with our two row pull behind corn harvester. But, probably my favorite memory is my grandfather teaching me to drive the Case 630 tractor.”

Rick’s love of dairy farming motivated him to be part of the 2018 Calving Corner project.  “I want to share my passion of dairy farming with others.  Most people don’t get to experience what we do or see every day.  I enjoy educating others and answering their questions.  We at Kreider’s love showing people our farm.”

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Brubaker Farms

The Brubaker Family

Mike and Tony Brubaker operate Brubaker Farms in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania with their father Luke. This 750 cow dairy operation utilizes the latest technologies to ensure that the milk on their farm is produced efficiently. The use of solar panels and methane digester has also maximized the Brubakers’ desire to be eco friendly.

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Meadow Lane Dairy

The Rohrer Family

Wanting to demonstrate the care that they give their animals is what motivated Brad Rohrer and his family to participate in the Calving Corner.  Meadow Lane Dairy, LLC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to the Rohrer Family.  Brad and his brother, Geoff, are the third generation farming in the family owned Meadow Lane Dairy with their parents Glenn & Joyce Rohrer.

When asked what made him want to farm, Brad replied “growing up watching my grandpa and dad working together and being around family is what inspired me.”  The whole family enjoys being able to work close to home and work with family members every day.  Most likely, the fourth generation of Rohrers will follow in their fathers’ footsteps.

Brad’s favorite farm family memory is working in the milking parlor with his dad when he was a little boy.

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