Mowrer Farms in Huntingdon County, PA

In 1990, Mike and Janet Mowrer moved their family and their cows to Huntingdon County to grow Mowrer Farms. Now, their son and his family, Nate, Erica, Madison & Luke are the 7th and 8th generation working on Mowrer Farms. They strive to produce high quality milk by being the best caretakers possible – providing nutritious feed and clean water in a calm, comfortable, clean environment and utilizing the highest standards of treatment and care. The farm and the cows are the Mowrers’ livelihood and legacy. In addition to the Calving Corner, Mowrer Farms’ cows are also exhibited in the dairy show during the PA Farm Show. Milk from Mowrer Farms is found in Dairymaid milk and cheese.