Furnace Hill Holsteins

Joel Krall and his family operate Furnace Hill Holsteins on the Lebanon County farm started by his parents, Tom and Shirley Krall.  Elite genetics, comfortable and contented cows, and dedicated employees are the keys to success for Furnace Hill Holsteins.  One of these key employees is Justin Heistand, who manages the Elizabethtown herd of Furnace Hill Holsteins. The Kralls, the Heistands, their families and their team strive to be the best caretakers possible of their cows and land by utilizing conservation methods to ensure high quality feed for their 450 cows. The farm and the cows are livelihood and legacy for the families of Furnace Hill Holsteins – Joel and Justin agree it is a great place to raise a family.

Milk from Furnace Hill Holsteins is found in fresh Land O’Lakes dairy products.