Meadow Vista Dairy

The Risser Family

Meadow Vista Dairy is Lancaster County is a fourth generation family farm.  Meadow Vista is owned and operated by Don, Gerald, Eric and Justin Risser.  Justin is also the chairman of the Calving Corner’s Cattle Committee.  We asked Justin what inspired you to become a dairy farmer.  He replied “We all enjoy being able to work with each other and raise a family on a farm.  We feel close to God working with cattle and the land and helping to maintain God’s creation.”

The Risser family love farming.  They enjoy the variety jobs that need completed on a daily basis and the safe environment they have created on their farm which allows their kids and their kids friends to play at the farm.

Interestingly, Justin’s favorite farm memory actually came out of a tragedy. “In 2002 we had a paralyzing barn fire that tested our faith.”  It also showed them the best in people. “The best memory to come from this horrific barn fire was the shear amount of people that showed up for clean up day. In the age before social media, we had people driving from over an hour away to help and over 200 people put on gloves to help get the job done.”

The Risser family is passionate about dairy farming and being part of the Calving Corner at the 2018 PA Farm Show.

“Educating the public is the job of the farmer. If we don’t show our customers what we do, the wrong people will. Seeing kids faces light up when a calf is born is a neat experience and I want to be a part of that.” said Justin.