S&A Kreider and Sons

S&A Kreider and Sons is a modern dairy farm located in Quarryville, Lancaster County.  S&A Kreider and Sons began in 1918 and is now owned by the third and fourth generations of the Kreider family: Ellis, Nathan, Nick, Scott, and Herb. To ensure that each of their 1,800 Holstein cows are well cared for, S&A Kreider and Sons relies on a team of great employees, including 15 family members!  All the crops needed to feed their cows are grown on the farm. To be good stewards of the land, an on-farm methane digester converts manure and methane gas into electricity to power the farm and recycled solids are used for bedding.

Proud member-owners of Land O’Lakes, S&A Kreider and Sons’ milk is found in TruMoo chocolate milk and Land O’Lakes dairy products.