Zugstead Farm

In 1979, Dina and Art Zug returned to Dina’s home farm in Juniata County to begin Zugstead Farm. Their sons, Joe and Dan, now oversee the daily operations with assistance from Art, Dina, their sister Leslie, and a team of wonderful employees. Each of the 750 cows comes first at Zugstead, and that starts on day one. The Zugs’ focus is on providing the highest quality of care to their calves, heifers, and cows. That means providing nutritious feed and clean water in a calm, comfortable, clean environment and utilizing the highest standards of treatment and care. The farm and the cows are the Zugs’ livelihood and legacy. They strive to produce high quality milk by being the best caretakers possible.

Milk from Zugstead Farm is found in fresh Land O’Lakes dairy products.